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Baekhyun was jealous of Chansoo.


[FANACC] 140830 TLP in Guangzhou - Chanyeol was asked who he likes and he said “Kyungsoo”. Baekhyun’s face changed while the other members just laughed. 

[FANACC] 140830 TLP in Guangzhou (x)

[FANACC] 140830 TLP in Guangzhou (x)

Byun Baekhyun by Park Chanyeol

That smile… щ(ಥДಥщ)

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I find it really sweet that tao takes the time to write the same message in 3 different languages so everyone can understand what he’s saying

Artist: Baekhyun & Chanyeol (guitar)
Track: "Roommate Duet Cut"

The full duet scene never actually aired on the show, however a cut was played in the background during the scene where Baekhyun was leaving the Roommate house. After searching the lyrics as well as looking at the list of BGM from that specific episode, the song appears to be an original. [DL]

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good dongseng kai trying to help bratty hyung chanyeol

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chanyeol’s not putting up with your shit today baekhyun…

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140607 Dream Concert
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